Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

The Alcatel-Lucent Hotel/Hospitality Link Interface (AHL) is a proprietary protocol for building a hospitality Property Management System (PMS). Guest services (do-not-disturb, wake-up, voice mail, etc.) and front-office services (check-in, check-out, room management, etc.) are accessed through a serial or Ethernet link. features Handles guest arrivals and departures Manages wake-up calls and guest voice mail Dynamic suite configuration […]

The API for Alcatel-Lucent alarming notifications and location provides a powerful set of features on Open Touch, OmniPCX Enterprise & Office allowing to implement an Alarm Server especially when matching requirements of lone worker protection. Such features might be offered via TDM trunks (T2/T0) or IP Trunks (H323, SIP). FEATURES for 400/500/8242 DECT Supports several alarms triggers: […]

Hotels can now allow guests to interact with their facilities via their own devices. it’s the new multimedia-over-IP (MMOIP) hotel-branded mobile application – working as an additional suite phone – enables rich communication services. It will allow guests to use their smart phones from the rooms or anywhere else in the hotel without having to pay extra […]

The Office Hotel/Hospitality Link Interface is a proprietary, IP-based protocol used for building a hospitality Property Management System (PMS). Built on the same protocol element as the well-known AHL for OmniPCX Enterprise, this interface enables Hospitality and Healthcare applications to benefit from all features of the OmniPCX Office. In version R.50 and above, the new driver (called […]

The O2G is a scalable application gateway that has a built-in Docker engine to host your applications as micro-services or business rules. It offers high-availability capabilities for developing mission-critical applications used in verticals and industries FEATURES Advanced call control APIs: Call-control, directorysearch, routing, communication log, messaging, event, phone-set programming, and more. Premium DeskPhone APIs: Build screen, takecontrol, […]

A REST based API has been introduced that is replacing the SOAP API. This REST API offers comprehensive methods to system configurations, actions to be performed over live calls and call search functionality. A license is associated with this API which is a concurrent license. Please note that this API is NOT a replacement for the OmniPCXRecord […]

The Paging Interface provides a powerful way to deliver calls with text messages to all types of terminals: TDM, IP, DECT, WiFi. It is the core component for integrating an alarm or notification server.   Note: Only an overview of this API is available here. The detailed description of the API with source code samples are available […]

The Telephony Server Application Programming Interface (TSAPI) is based on the Novell TSAPI architecture and programming interface and integrates server-based telephony control with desktop (client) or server applications on enterprise-wide networks. TSAPI incorporates Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) telephony call control services, device monitoring services and query services. Features Communications solutions in Windows or Linux environment Compatible […]