Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

The Contact Center Telephony Integration API, based on Contact Center Agent (CCA), provides a set of high-level development tools for the integration of business applications in a desktop contact center. Functions include: OLE Server – CCA features an OLE server that allows other applications to use CCA information or execute telephony functions DDE Interface – A Dynamic […]

The Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) is a standardized ECMA protocol that enables third-party applications to control all OmniPCX Enterprise devices. The CSTA protocol enables information exchanges to initiate services: monitor and control calls and devices; set and query features; route calls; send and receive data. FEATURES Supports CSTA Phase 1 and 2: Switching function services (answer […]


The Real-Time Interface (RTI) obtains real-time information from OmniTouch Contact Center Supervisor (CCS) objects, such as pilot, waiting queues, agent processing groups, agents, etc. features Provides access to various CCS objects: Pilot Filter Waiting queue PG Group PG Others Agents Provides notification and subscription service for all data benefits Complements the Contact Center Agent (CCA) application Improves […]

The Telephony Server Application Programming Interface (TSAPI) is based on the Novell TSAPI architecture and programming interface and integrates server-based telephony control with desktop (client) or server applications on enterprise-wide networks. TSAPI incorporates Computer Supported Telecommunications Applications (CSTA) telephony call control services, device monitoring services and query services. Features Communications solutions in Windows or Linux environment Compatible […]


The Workforce Management Interface (WMI) provides statistical reports for export to an external Workforce Management (WFM) solution in order to: Forecast future call volumes Schedule and manage agents Manage everyday contact center events to adjust the schedules Provide cost and staffing information to the contact center features Provides historical data on Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for: Queue […]