Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise APIs for OmniPCX platforms

The InfoCenter Interface is a protocol used by a third-party application to retrieve data about OmniPCX Enterprise users and to update users’ status. These data are very useful for attendants’ daily activities, and include: reason for absence, phone book updates, forward and do-not-disturb requests, etc. InfoCenter messages are available over a TCP/IP or serial connection. features Manages […]

A REST based API has been introduced that is replacing the SOAP API. This REST API offers comprehensive methods to system configurations, actions to be performed over live calls and call search functionality. A license is associated with this API which is a concurrent license. Please note that this API is NOT a replacement for the OmniPCXRecord […]

OmniVista 8770 SNMP proxy converts OmniPCX, OmniVista 8770 and OpenTouch alarms in SNMP traps. It provides consolidated integration with enterprise global management platforms. The SNMPproxy agent is integrated and runs on the OmniVista 8770 server from 1.2. The SNMPproxy agent: Receives incidents from the PCXs Converts the incidents to SNMP traps Transmits the SNMP traps to hypervisor […]

The OmniVista 8770 Accounting and VoIP Ticket Collector is a powerful interface for collecting OpenTouch, OmniPCX Enterprise and OmniPCX Office Call Detailed Records (CDR) for provision to third-party applications. The Ticket Collector application is integrated and runs on the OmniVista 8770 server from 1.2. The interface can: Periodically connect to OpenTouch and OmniPCX systems Retrieve the accounting […]

The Paging Interface provides a powerful way to deliver calls with text messages to all types of terminals: TDM, IP, DECT, WiFi. It is the core component for integrating an alarm or notification server.   Note: Only an overview of this API is available here. The detailed description of the API with source code samples are available […]

PIMphony is a personal communication manager that links desktop computers and telephones to provide a powerful, user-friendly phone assistant that manages everyday phone tasks. It offers a complete set of phone services, including call logging, voice mail and set monitoring. Services are continuously available on the PC, regardless of any other applications running. Company contact databases are […]

The QSIG is an ISDN-based signaling protocol for signaling between Private Branch eXchange (PBXs) in a Private Integrated Services Network, using connection-level Q.931 protocol and the application-level ROSE protocol. features First layer of services through QSIG Basic Service (QSIG-BC) Supplementary services through QSIG Generic Function (QSIG-GF) benefits First layer of services through QSIG Basic Service (QSIG-BC) Supplementary […]

Active Recording interfaces were designed and developed on OmniPCX Enterprise to overcome the limitations of the Passive Recording interfaces. A call copy is provided to the voice recording system on its request, using one of two methods: Dedicated Recording Link (TDM DR-Link), where the TDM recorder is connected to PCM boards IP Dedicated Recording Link (IP DR-Link), […]

The OmniPCX platforms provide several methods for capturing voice by reusing existing interfaces. These passive methods do not require any action by the voice recording system: Extension-side recording: taps the extension lines connecting the phones to the audio boards Trunk-side recording: taps the trunk lines connecting the trunk boards to the PSTN IP sniffing: sniffs (or mirrors) […]


The Real-Time Interface (RTI) obtains real-time information from OmniTouch Contact Center Supervisor (CCS) objects, such as pilot, waiting queues, agent processing groups, agents, etc. features Provides access to various CCS objects: Pilot Filter Waiting queue PG Group PG Others Agents Provides notification and subscription service for all data benefits Complements the Contact Center Agent (CCA) application Improves […]